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Thresholds is a forward-thinking, socially responsible ​licensed funeral establishment that empowers families to ​take more control during the funeral experience. We are ​a unique funeral establishment in San Diego. We work ​in the home and directly with the family, guiding them ​to create their own ceremony and ritual so that they ​may personally celebrate the life of the loved one who ​has passed. Some of the rituals families find very healing ​are bathing and purifying the body, dressing the body, ​creating altars and sacred spaces, and using art to ​express and work through their love and loss. Experts in ​grief and loss suggest that families get more healing ​when they can actively participate throughout the ​funeral ceremony. They miss this opportunity by ​passively giving up these roles to professional strangers.

Funeral trends are changing, and people are now ​making choices based on different values. These trends ​are beginning to be defined by the aging baby boomers, ​who are known for their desire to control all aspects of ​their lives. They are now choosing more event-based ​than product-based ceremonies and placing importance ​on personalizing the funeral, with the family desiring t​o have more ​i​nput in celebrating their loved one’s life.

MSgt. Glenda Villegas, USAF (Ret.)

Funeral Director, FDR 4631

CA Life Insurance #0K96397

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A Few Services we offer:

Direct Cremation

Transportation (up to 300 lb)




Black plastic urn


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Full Body Burial at Sea

Yacht, staff, shroud, location ​certificate, everything you need. ​Accommodates up to 30 family ​members. ​***out at sea for 4 hours***

starting at $6,000.00

Aqua Cremation

Transportation (up to 300 lb)

3 Death Certificates

Disposition Permit

Single fingerprint collection

Embrace Earthurn Floral Bouquet Urn


Scattering at Sea

Yacht, staff, location certificate, ​includes cremation.

Accommodates up to 30 family ​members.

***out at sea for 2.5 hours***

starting at $5,133.00

Home funeral followed by burial

$2,100.00 to $4,800.00

“Casket NOT Included”


Cremation or Burial

Travel Protection

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(It expires when you expire.)

Veteran Cremation

Veteran and or Spouse



Veteran Burial Benefits Education

Our Team

Janet Pesek

Bereavement Travel

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Marilynn Manzutto

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(303) 747-5661

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Grief Support Services

Glenda Villegas

Funeral Director/Trainer

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Telephone Handset in a Circle

(619) 719-1156

(505) 269-3335


Rhonda Lopresti

End of Life Coach

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(858) 274-5433

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End of Life Doula

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(650) 383-7458

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Trina Wacasey

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